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Hap Ki Do

Hap Ki Do, which is translated as "The Art of coordinating your inner strength with your outer strength" or "The Art of coordinated powers", is a Korean martial art which dates back to 372 AD.
Hap Ki Do is a complete self defense system which allows the trained user to defend themselves in any situation.  Hap Ki Do does this by seamlessly incorporating many different aspects of martial arts into what is respected worldwide as one of the most real world applicable martial arts.  Hap Ki Do uses the following types of techniques with devastating effectiveness to detain or disable a single opponent or a group of attackers:
  • Joint locks, throws and chokes to redirect an opponent's strength and momentum against them
  • Pressure points to aid in breaking an opponent's strength and focus as well as cause serious damage with the more vital pressure points
  • Dynamic kicking and punching designed to maximize the power delivered through correct body motion and position
  • Grappling techniques designed to finish an opponent if you are taken to the ground
As a traditional martial art, Hap Ki Do has been fine tuned over centuries to develop it's practitioners with a greater set of tools than just fighting skill.  Through meditation, discipline and focus, Hap Ki Do students develop a far greater control over their physical and mental state.  These tools should be fostered to carry over into all areas of ones life.
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